Humboldt County Office of Education: Quack & Wabbit Puppetry Workshops

Quack & Wabbit Puppetry Workshops

New Video: Mortimus Returns!

Quack and Wabbit Puppet Theatre presents: “Mortimus Returns”, the second video in the Mortimus series. This is a fun musical puppet theater program, where children learn specific tools to help with self-care, self-regulation, and dealing with strong emotions. This program teaches belly breathing, body scanning and how to use the tool HALT which helps us to know when to stop and take care of ourselves. Students will learn the importance of healthy habits and activities which fill their “self-care balloons”.

Classroom Materials for “Mortimus Returns!”

Additional Videos & Resources

Mortimus to the Rescue

Mr. Grumpy’s Outing

Quack and Wabbit Puppet Theatre has created a series of puppetry workshops for Humboldt County teachers. These free workshops include instructions and templates to help teachers integrate the workshops into their social-emotional curriculum.

Thanks to HCOE, Garfield school, Humboldt Sponsors and HAF we are able to provide this service to the schools of Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties.